I greatly appreciate that all contact with me remain on a professional level. Contact information is for scheduling and confirming purposes only, and while we may find ourselves getting along exceptionally well, I am unavailable without compensation.

Treat me with respect and to be polite, I do not discriminate against race or profession.

There's an old adage that says "cleanliness is next to Godliness." Please take the opportunity to use my facilities if you have not have the chance to shower within the last hour. My bathroom is stocked with fresh towels, numerous toiletries and mouthwash.  I am always freshly showered and groomed upon your visit and merely expect the same consideration in return.

Though I am not a clock watcher, I do expect that as a respectful gentleman you will adhere to the time allotment that you have booked. I do follow security measures with outside parties so please allow for me to notify them in the circumstance that you choose to extend our session.

In the event that you are running behind please take the time to notify me with a quick text message or phone call. If I do not receive notification of lateness within 15 minutes past the scheduled time I will terminate the appointment and you may be unable to rebook.

Please respect that my spare time is very limited.